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Who Is Mey Sam?

Hi, I am Mey Sam. At age 35, I have 3 children. Like most people, I was climbing up the corporate ladder. Life felt like walking on tight rope. Balancing my work, family, social life and my passion was almost impossible.
Demanding workload and unreasonable colleagues. Work was taking me away from my children. They are screaming for my attention. Their unfulfilled needs are showing up in academic struggle and anger management issues. Conflicting parenting styles between my husband and in-laws was straining our relationships. Nobody taught me how to be a good parent.
I was stressed up and feeling guilty for not being there when my children needed me the most. It was the point in my life when I didn’t even know myself. I felt lost.
What got me here will not get me where I want to be.
Today, I’m extremely proud that all of my 3 children are happy and self-motivated individuals. That was my goal, that was my objective. My satisfaction at work has never been better. My husband and I have our couple time. I have time for myself pursuing my interests.
I’m committed to help parents who are going through similar struggles so that they don’t need to go through that pain that I’ve been through.
I help parents with children aged 3-12 years old to develop a parenting strategy to nurture happy and self-motivated children and not compromise on their career.


Top 10 Parenting Challenges

  1. Children are not motivated to study and give up easily.

  2. Children are having too much screen time, potentially leading to the development of anti-social behaviour.

  3. Children get distracted easily, are unfocused and have little discipline.

  4. Parents are struggling to balance child-raising, work responsibilities, and personal interests. They usually come home from work already tired, short-fused and often end up screaming at their children.

  5. Children have bad attitude and even rebellious, disrespectful, lazy, lying and not listening to their parents.

  6. Conflicting parenting style between spouse, grandparents and other caretakers that results in unnecessary conflicts.

  7. Children’s over-exposure to media could lead to meeting bad people online.

  8. Children develop bad habits and irresponsible behaviour (e.g. not packing their bags, leaving things everywhere in the house and like to eat junk food or use vulgarities)

  9. Children are bullied in school, or are themselves the bullies.

  10. Parents lose intimacy with their spouse or personal identity as a result of  having their children as their primary focus.


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"Before knowing Mey, I thought parenting is about going
with the flow, doing what feels right and avoiding what
didn’t feel good in my growing up days.
After attending Mey’s workshop,  her  simple steps
cut short my learning curve and 
I am confident  to impart the right values in my children.”

Queen Kok, entrepreneur & Herbal Queen featured in Straits Times, mother of 4 year old boy

Sat on the Rocks

“There are many ways to measure success; not the least of which is the way your child describes you when talking to a friend.”



Daniel, an entrepreneur, was able to gain further clarity of his strengths from a free coaching session with Mey.

He had completed the CliftonStrengths assessment before but through Mey's structured process, he was able to get his epiphany. He has a much clearer strategy to use his strengths to bring his business to the next level. Do you want to experience that moment of transformation that changes your life too?


Top 3 Parenting Mistakes

"Our kids will grow out of it", and "they will understand it one day" are common parents' remarks when asked how they manage strong-willed children. Suicides in Singapore went up 10% last year. There were 397 reported suicides in 2018, compared with 361 the year before. The number of suicide cases are increasing but this is preventable. One death is one too many. Society stress is increasingly more disturbing with the rise of social media. Do you have a strategy to raise future proof children?


My Kids Are Still Too Young...


Parenting Is Very Personal, I Would Rather Not Talk About It...

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My Problems are Different From Others ...

Mistake 1: My Children Will Grow Out Of Their Bad Behaviours

"Terrible two" or "terrible three" phases is not an excuse to not discipline your child. Even a baby is trained at birth to drink milk. Babies are eventually trained to drink milk at 3-4 hours interval so that the mother has time to rest. It is never too young to inculcate independence in our children.  My children learn time management at 5 years old so that they have time to play and time to learn.

Mistake 2: Parenting Is Doing What Feels Right And How I Was Brought Up

Our society has changed and what has worked for our parents is unlikely to work now. Just looking at the number of millionaire Youtubers, you know that getting a university degree is not the only way to success. What we must inculcate in our child are the values passed down from our parents. Values such as resilience, humility, compassion, perseverance are mastery are the gems to be handed over.

Mistake 3: Not Seeking Help

Counselling, coaching and mentoring are often misunderstood as options only for weak people. It is complete madness to do the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The real cost is when problems are not solved and starts to create more problems. Human are superior animals because we learn and evolve. What can you do to cut short your learning curve?


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